Bonnie Dalzell's Color Name Survey

Please understand that this will probably have no effect on the AKC color name list.
Cut and paste this into your e-mail program

Fill out a page for each color or pattern in question.

E-mail should be sent to:

Check out the Quick_color page at for
examples, please use the name of the color or the color number to identify the example
you are writing about.

If you can match the color with one on the quick color page

1. Breed of dog.__________________.

2. (a) Have you ever seen this color in an actual dog, (not just a photograph). __________

   (b) Have you owned (or bred) a dog of this color and had it since it was a puppy?
    Describe color changes you saw during the dog's lifetime.

3. (a) Do you consider this a color or a pattern?_____________

   (b) Something else _______________________

4. The name and reference number of the matching color picture _____________.

5. Other names you have heard for this color and if possible the reference for
that name.   (Examples - "Groshen Borzoi book", or "breeder who sold me the
dog", or "judge at dog show".

6. State/Province/Region and country where you heard this term used.
 (Some color designations are regional).

7. Have you heard this term used to describe other different colors in this

8. Have you heard this term used to describe a similar appearing dog in other

9. (a) Have you heard this term used to describe dogs of different appearance
       in other breeds?

   (b) If so what did they look like? (you can send me a reference to a picture
       on the internet.)

10 . What name do you prefer for this color?


     How strong is your preference on a 0 to 10 scale?
     0  = "don't care", 10 = "very strongly prefer".

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