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Version alpha 1.2 April 28, 2003, This is not a finished project, check back soon.

Currently these are the pages associated with this project.

The Quick Color Summary Page       Discussion of colors in greater detail .      Some questions you can answer and send to me.

These pages are produced by Bonnie Dalzell who is a member of the Coat Color Committee, however unless specificially stated - the material on these pages represents the ideas of Bonnie Dalzell and not the Committee as a whole or the BCOA.

BCOA Coat committee Chair:
Patti Neale
Coat Color Committee members:
Valorie Trantanella
Bonnie Dalzell

I am happy to have additional pictures for this project!

Submitting Pictures

Submitted pictures need to be accompanied by a physical note or a scan of such a note stating that the copyright holder authorises (grants a restricted license) for the use of the picture on this Borzoi coat color website and any site that exaclty mirrors this set of pages, and in any subsequent CD produced by the author of this website, that might be made available containing these pages as they appear here, based on the website. Some people may prefer a CD because of the large numbers of pictures that are part of this project. The photographer credit must be included and will be published with the image. The name and titles of the dog, its breeder, owner, sex, birth and death dates will be published with the image if the person submitting the image wants this information published with the picture. An index of contact physical addresses, e-mail addresses or websites for photographers, owners and/or breeders of dogs appearing on the page and CD will be part of this project.

What this means is if you license the use of an image to this project (retaining ownership of the copyright on the image), you get a small free ad with contact information for both you, the photographer and other people associated with the dog. However, I do not promise, in perpetuity, to update the contact information if you keep changing addresses, etc. You will also have the option of obtaining a CD at production cost plus postage (this should be under $5 US). Where desired, a link can be made to a pedigree of the dog in the image.

These are the views I need.

Wherever possible photos submitted for this page should be shot with a digital camera and the colors should be natural, not shifted towards the red by early morning or late afternoon light. Although the final image displayed on the internet is around 640 by 400 pixels, best results are obtained from cropping down from a 2 megapixel or larger image. I would prefer it to get unedited images which have not been compressed. I will edit from there. This gives me the option to save out details to be displayed. I will be setting up an ftp site for those who have problems sending large e-mails. Check back here for details.

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